Weekly Horoscopes at Work

November 11-17, 2013

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This will be a pretty good week, if you watch the planets closely. First, Mercury will come out of retrograde. While this does mean the Mercury Retrograde is over, things might not get back to normal with our communication, travel, electronics, machinery and senses of direction for a few more days.  Imagination will be at a high.  Neptune, planet of dreaminess, deception, art, inspiration and spirituality will awaken our innermost impulses when it comes out of its retrograde period.  Then, over the weekend, the Full Moon in Taurus will bring the answers to questions we have about the material world.


Look below for the times, dates and planets involved in this week's cosmic energy. 

All times are U.S. Eastern.

Monday November 11 - Mercury is out of retrograde.  REJOICE.

Tuesday November 7 - The sun meets up with Jupiter, slightly inflating our senses of expectations.

Wednesday November 13 - Neptune comes out of its retrograde period.  Matters pertaining to our innermost consciousness will come to the fore.

Sunday November 17 FULL MOON IN TAURUS - Look for answers about the material world.



Tuesday November 12 9:34 AM-Wednesday November 13 2:39 AM

Thursday November 14 3:57 PM-Friday November 15 9:49 AM

 Sunday November 17 10:16 AM-7:07 PM

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