Weekly Horoscopes at Work

October 14-20, 2013

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It would be nice if I could tell you this looks like a nice, easy week...but no such luck!


We have some larger-sized events this week that are sure to make life interesting. The biggest one is a "very special" full moon that will be an eclipse. It takes place in the sign of Aries, so if you're born under that sign, or under Cancer, Libra or Capricorn - you're sure to notice!


Mars moves into Virgo this week, too - so expect to be more diligent than normal.


Another important thing we all need to be aware of is the approach of Mercury Retrograde - it will be with us in about a week.  Here are the highlights:


All times are U.S. Eastern.

Tuesday October 15 7:05 AM - Increased diligence and a distaste for those who don't deal with the details - Mars enters Virgo

Thursday October 17 all day - Tension so thick you can cut it with a knife thanks to the moon's interactions with Pluto and Uranus

Friday October 18 7:38 PM - Outside events are likely to make us consider the best ways to react to changing circumstances - Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse at 25 degrees of Aries. 

Saturday October 19 9:54 PM - The potential to deceive and to be deceived.  Be wary and stick to your most spiritual impulses! - Mars opposite Neptune


When the moon has stopped interacting with other planets while it is in one sign, it is "void" until it enters the next sign.  During these periods, it's difficult to make connections, arrange meetings and make purchases.  Care should be taken in all these matters.  The good way to use this energy is to finish up what you've  already started, and wait for a better time to start anything new.  Here are the void of course times for this week:

Monday October 14 4:28-5:06 PM

Wednesday October 16 3:15 AM-9:18 PM

Friday October 18 7:38 PM-Saturday October 19 3:27 AM - Monday October 21 12:14 PM...when we will also experience Mercury Retrograde!!!  This previously posted article will help you prepare.



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