Weekly Horoscopes at Work

November 18-24

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This will be a comparatively easy week, so enjoy it!  This is especially convenient because we need to recover from the last few weeks of planetary mayhem!  The party mood of the holidays may begin more in earnest once the sun enters Sagittarius.  Here are some important dates and times - and of course - this week's video!


All times are U.S. Eastern.

Thursday November 21 10:48 PM - Malaise will lift and enthusiasm will rule the day!  Sun in Sagittarius




Tuesday November 19 10:59 AM-Wednesday November 20 6:23 AM

Friday November 22 2:11 AM- 6:56 PM

Sunday November 24 3:59 AM-Monday November 25 7:11 AM

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Here's the video!


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