Weekly Horoscopes at Work

November 25-December 1

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By and large, this will be an easy and pleasant week. The buildup to the holiday will be gentle. We'll feel organized and in control on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday could be somewhat more difficult, as the void of course moon changes around some of our plans. Thanksgiving Day coincides with the first night of Hanukkah, and with Jupiter's help people will be able to fit in as much celebration as they can tolerate!


On "Black Friday" - a buyer beware warning is in effect. The void moon could mean we buy things in haste and wind up in waste. Our purchases are quite likely to fail to be pleasing to us once we get them home. In some cases, we may find the price has changed later - usually not to our advantage. Why not take one more day to spend time with friends and family? Shopping can wait.  The weekend will be nice, but overtones from Mercury and Saturn will bring up topics in need of discussion. If something came up on Monday, expect to revisit an awkward conversation on Sunday. although it might be hard to hear what people really feel, it will be a relief to clear the air.


Here are some days and times to pay close attention to as we celebrate our spirit of Gratitude!  Then, please watch the video for more information and insight.


All times are U.S. Eastern.

Monday November 25 8:55 PM - Serious conversations will make us see the glass as half-empty - Mercury conjunct Saturn

Thursday November 28 - Expansive, optimistic expression and all-embracing feelings of affection - Mercury trine Jupiter, Venus opposite Jupiter

Saturday November 30 1:25 PM - Excitement and impulsivity, inspired by positive feelings - Sun trine Uranus



Tuesday November 19 10:59 Monday November 25 - until 7:11 AM

Wednesday November 27 6:44 AM-5:00 PM

Friday November 29 6:14 AM-11:03 PM

Sunday December 1 8:34 PM-Monday December 2 1:31 AM 

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