Weekly Horoscopes at Work

October 21-27

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Mercury Retrograde. The collective groans will be loud and long this time, because as Mercury goes into a state where it appears to be moving backward, it will also be passing through the intense and brooding sign of Scorpio. This will make traffic jams more aggravating, and force us to go back to the basics to fix technical problems, especially the most advanced ones. The "Affordable Health Care" website is a great example.


Mercury will bring our attention to things that need to be fixed from Monday October 21st until Sunday November 10th. During this time, avoid making deals, signing contracts and purchasing new equipment that involves communication, on all levels. Our converstaions need to be more measured and careful, too.  Be wise, be aware, and maybe you'll even begin to enjoy the slower pace, and enjoy Mercury's trickster-like sense of humor!

This previously posted article will help you prepare.


Meanwhile, here are more details about what's going down this week:


All times are U.S. Eastern.

Monday October 21 6:29 AM - Mercury goes Retrograde.

Wednesday October 23  2:10 AM- increased perception and attention to quality in our work - volatility and the emergence of repressed anger in our relationships - Sun Enters Scorpio

Friday October 25 6:41 PM - Imagination and Creativity help us see what's beyond the material realm. - Sun Trine Neptune 



When the moon has stopped interacting with other planets while it is in one sign, it is "void" until it enters the next sign.  During these periods, it's difficult to make connections, arrange meetings and make purchases.  Care should be taken in all these matters.  The good way to use this energy is to finish up what you've  already started, and wait for a better time to start anything new.  Here are the void of course times for this week:

Monday October 21 - until 12:14 PM

Tuesday October 22 6:35 PM-Wednesday October 23 11:36 PM

Friday october 25 4:31 PM-Saturday October 26 12:12 PM

Wednesday October 16 3:15 AM-9:18 PM

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Please note - Private Video Readings will be suspended until November 10th 2013 (Quality readings are not guaranteed during Mercury Retrograde.)


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