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April 21-17, 2014

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The Grand Cardinal Cross - Let It Shine on You!The Grand Cardinal Cross: Let It Shine on You!

It's the week people have been talking about - the Grand Cardinal Cross will take place and most likely help to create some shifts in our world view. Will it all happen at once? Doubtful. Still, when we look back on this time, we will probably notice that it was a turning point after which things were never the same.

Learn more about the Grand Cardinal Cross and how to handle it by watching the video and paying attention to the dates and times listed below. (All are US Eastern)

Monday April 21st 2:38 PM - Uranus Square Pluto - Change, whether we like it or not.

Tuesday April 22 3:28 PM - Mars Square Jupiter - Aggression, emboldened and magnified.

Wednesday April 23 3:09 AM - Mars opposite Uranus - Accident-prone behavior, aggravation.

Wednesday April 23 5:16 AM - Mercury Enters Taurus - Cooler Heads May Prevail.

Wednesday April 23 9:47 AM - Mars Square Pluto - Power in Play

Friday April 25 - Venus Trine Saturn - Excellent opportunities to achieve in the creative world.


When the moon has stopped interacting with other planets while it is in one sign, it is "void" until it enters the next sign.  During these periods, it's difficult to make connections, arrange meetings and make purchases.  Care should be taken in all these matters.  The good way to use this energy is to finish up what you've  already started, and wait for a better time to start anything new.  Here are the void of course times for this week:

Monday April 21 7:21 PM-Tuesday April 22 12:18 AM

Wednesday April 23 12:10 PM-Thursday April 24 2:55 AM

Friday April 25 4:03 PM - Saturday April 26 6:01 AM

Sunday April 27 7:02 AM-Monday April 28 10:23 AM

Here's the video!


This week, I'll be speaking at the New Jersey Chapter of NCGR on Uranian Astrology


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