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November 17-23, 2014

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Follow Your Hopes - Grab Your Dreams - Weekly Horoscope!


 This week, the sign of Sagittarius offers its hopeful, cheerful and bright attitude, and reminds us to make choices that align with our hopes and dreams. The sun enters Sagittarius and creates a bright and happy new moon with which we can make a fresh start.


Check out the listing below for more information about the planets' antics for the week.


All Times are U.S. Eastern:

Tuesday November 18 3:50 AM: Obstacles get in our face when the sun meets up with Saturn's limits.

Thursday November 20 9:56 AM: Love is in the air, but so is lots of fairy dust.  Things may not be what they seem when Venus squares off with Neptune.  Adjust expectations accordingly.

Saturday November 22 4:36 AM: The holiday mood will start to build when the Sun enters the jovial sign of Sagittarius!

Saturday November 22 7:32 AM: Enjoy the fresh and exciting feeling of making definite choices as the new moon in Sagittarius offers openings for new beginnings.


When the moon has stopped interacting with other planets while it is in one sign, it is "void" until it enters the next sign.  During these periods, it's difficult to make connections, arrange meetings and make purchases.  Care should be taken in all these matters.  The good way to use this energy is to finish up what you've  already started, and wait for a better time to start anything new.  Here are the void of course times for this week:

Monday November 17 6:11 AM-2:30 PM

Wednesday November 19 9:25 AM-Thursday November 20 12:31 AM

Saturday November 22 12:53 - 7:19 AM

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