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Your Monthly Horoscope Overview for September, 2011

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September will be one of those "good news, bad news" months, but it will be easier to digest than many of the other ones we've had in 2011.  The planets will be comparatively calm, with Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune in retrograde all month long.  This will allow us to go back and adjust to some of the changes that have taken place, and also afford us the chance to pick up some opportunities that may have fallen by the wayside while we tried to keep pace with the crazy year we've had so far.

It won't all be a bed of roses, though.  With Pluto coming out of its retrograde period on September 16th, some powerful changes will take place.  Maybe some of the blisters on the hot spots around planet earth will burst, or you might find the prospect fo an inevitable change that's been delayed hasn't really gone away, no matter how much you hoped that was the case.  Expect some powerful and decisive moves on the parts of people, nations and maybe even the entire planet.

The New Moon and Full Moon Cycles spill into other months now.  For instance the September 12 Full Moon in Pisces will allow us to detect the spiritual worth of the things we wanted to manifest at the New Moon on August 28th.  Communication will be a very important part of this part of the cycle, and we may find out that people really did mean what they said.  Action will be taken that surprises and maybe even shocks us, still we will be more focused on the spiritual than the material perspective on the things that become manifest.  

September 27th New Moon will take place in Libra, encouraging us to examine our roles as "partner", and evaluate our performance.  We may also ask ourselves what we're getting from certain relationships, and decide to make some changes.  We'll know more about this when the Full Moon comes on October 11th.

Autumn will begin, and alas, summer will officially end - on September 23, when the sun moves into Libra.  On this same day, Mars will form an enabling trine with Uranus, perhaps meaning there will be some moves forward toward disruptive or even revolutionaary movements around the world.  The timing is right for the matters that were raised during "The Arab Spring" to come back into the news.  It will be interesting to see what happens, especially on September 25th, when the sun comes to a point where it will stimulate the unruly side of Uranus.  This could be a day when we're reminded that anything can happen!  On September 28th, there could be a show of power when the sun and Mercury have some friction with Pluto - and those transformative forces will insist on having their way!  

September certainly is a time when we can expect changes, and it seems that the 2011 version will do anything but disappoint us.

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