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Your Monthly Horoscope Overview for October, 2011

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Horoscopes, monthly Horoscopes, October 2011, Judi Vitale, ReadThestars, TalentNetworkCredit: unrealitymag.comThere's a reason why we say this October is Perfect for Pumpkins!


The rest of the planets will be just quiet enough for us to notice the more subtle, yet profound, shifts and transformations as the planet moves from post autumn-equinox fury into a more silent, somber mood.  Think of it.  While the month begins with bright autumn leaves and rich harvest vegetables, it ends with Halloween and the symbols of death, and though ghoulish, nonetheless - signs of resurrection.  The transition from Libra to Scorpio between October 1st and October 23rd  is the "fall" of the sun; the time when, in the northern hemisphere, the earth moves into its dormant period.  The dead leaves of lush summer trees decompose and form a substance that appears lifeless, yet holds within it the potential to become life once again.  Just like pumpkins!  Some are used for food and seeds, some for jack o' lanterns and most meet the same fate once the skins decay - they meld into the soil, adding to the mix of organic material that will give birth to more life in the not-so-distant future, when spring comes around.  


In our lives, we can follow this pattern too.  As we leave the sunniest times of the year and move on to a period when we must apply ourselves earnestly to what we wish to accomplish, we can appreciate the new life that is possible when we let go and allow nature to take its course.  This might mean we let something die, from a working relationship that no longer has its use to images of ourselves that we have outgrown, so that the new can begin to grow.  Think of this as you go through the month, and rejoice in the prospect of renewal and regeneration.Begin by feeling the shift of Venus moving from Libra to Scorpio on October 9th.  Our way of dealing with one another will become less idealistic and romantic, and more sensual and indulgent.  Sexy is just the beginning of the story.  No secret crush is safe at this point!  The truth will be known.  The Full Moon on the 11th will be the culmination of the new moon we experienced in Libra on September 27th.  The issues we faced regarding relationships will come to a climax, and we'll be able to make clear decisions and make definite moves.  On October 13th, Mercury will follow Venus into Scorpio, allowing people to build a mindset that matches the intensity and focus of this very tenacious sign.  Investigations will get deeper, and people won't be satisfied to know just the superficial facts.  This could make a few items in the news, from US Presidential Candidate background checks to scandals in the "green" energy industry, even more interesting.


The other big deal going on this month will be Jupiter and Pluto in a supportive trine configuration, on the 28th.  This makes it even easier for us to feel optimistic and hopeful about the prospects of transformation.  There will be more commentary about all these events on as the month unfolds.  Meanwhile, click on your sign for your horoscope statement for the month, and watch the video for more insight:







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