Daily Horoscopes

Saturday April 7

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Now that we're past the full moon madness, we can begin to dig into the juicy stuff Venus and mars will cook up when they square off tonight. Posted in the signs of Gemini and Virgo, if people have sex it will be with a lot of talking and attention to technique!  This can be fun, depending on who you are.  Let the Scorpio moon add the right amount of passion to your Saturday night.


As rock legend Leon Russell once said: "Don't get all hung up about Easter..."  But seriously, for me it's a big holiday.  I'm calling it yet another weekend off the daily horoscopes - so if you need to see what's going on for your sign, check out the dailies I wrote for Saturday and Sunday on Dr. Laura Berman's web site.

Friday April 6

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It’s usually pretty easy to tell when there’s a full moon, so it you’re feeling a little weird, at least you have a great excuse! This full moon is in Libra, so we need to try to get as much beauty out of it as we can. Libra is also good for romance and friendship, so we can fit some of that in as well. Although the full moon is usually good for making decisions – or having them made for us, let’s remember: this one is in indecisive Libra! Maybe we’ll discover things we need to make decisions about, or get some chances to deliberate just a little more, and a little more… Read for your sign to see what area of life will be the most active while you enjoy the lovable, beautiful full moon in Libra!