Daily Horoscopes

Tuesday May 30

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If you want to have a nice, peaceful and harmonious day, it’s going to be a rough one. The moon will be in Virgo, making us all more discerning and less likely to put up with false premises and empty promises. The moon’s union with Mars will push us over the edge, while its square with Venus creates additional friction. Relationships may be rocky, but they will suffer less if you come out with your frustrations and speak about them. Just be sure you do it gently! Read for your sign to see where in your life these emotional storms may break out.


Monday May 29

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Expect some sparkle this Memorial Day. Although there are sad reasons for setting this day aside, those who gave so we can live free have left a legacy that creates cause for celebration. Today, the sun will get further inspiration to shine from planet Uranus. Physical activity and mental acuity will be woven into the traditions of this unofficial start of summer. To understand more about how these forces will affect your life, read for your sign.