Thursday April 19

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Yes, it’s really true! The sun moves into Taurus today, giving us the signal that springtime is fully established. If you haven’t got your warm weather clothes out where you can get at them, now would be the time to make sure you have them. Even if the weather isn’t always warm yet, you’ll want to at least dream about what it will be like to experience the carefree moments summer brings. Read for your sign to get tipped off on what the sun in Taurus can do for you!
PS – Don’t panic! If this is your birthday and you’re sure you’re an Aries, you well might be. The sun changes signs on different dates all the time, and this year it’s in Taurus a few days earlier than usual. Always get your chart calculated if you think you’re “on the cusp.” Or, contact me for your Personal Video Reading, and I’ll do it for you.

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