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Pluto Retrograde Ends: Go For It!


So what do you think?  Is Pluto a planet?  As Pluto gets ready to come out of the retrograde it began on April 9th, we'll find out.

Venus in Libra Is Spoiled, But Sweet!

She's spoiled, but sweet!  Venus, the goddess of love and high art, is responsible for the way we relate to one another, and when she changes signs it pays us to adopt new attitudes to suit her mood.  While she is in Libra, from September 14th until October 9th, expect people to be sweet - at least on the outside.  What's going on inside their heads, though, could make you wonder whether you can ever be nice enough to meet up with their expectations.  Venus in Libra is extremely friendly and romantic, but also very demanding.  If you're in a relationship, now's the time to send flowers or cook a favorite meal.  If you're not attached but would like to be, you may take a much more romantic approach to your quest, and your intended may want to have much more atention than you have the time to give.  Still, try hard to be nice.  Even when you're not getting the sweet treatment back from other people, extending friendliness and a positive attitude an reassure you that you're doing your part to make Venus and Libra happy!


Venus in libra is also very artistic, but not in the wildly creative sense.   The refined beauty of an Ionic column or a patiently pained Monet will trump avant garde architecture or the hiliarious humor of a Warhol.  When Venus in Libra is dissatisfied, you may not find out about it directly.  Far from being moody or emotional, Venus in Libra inspires people to be passive-aggressive.  Be watchful of someone you might have inadvertently insulted or rejected, because they'll be out to "hit" you back when you least suspect it.  When you ask what's wrong, the answer will invariably be, "nothing!"  


While she's in Libra during the fall of 2011, Venus will interact with the Aries Axis.  This may not be such a bad thing, as she'll have a softening effect on the hearts involved in day to day dramas as well as world events.  There will be a little bit of peace and good will to hope for, and that's reassuring.  She'll get shaken up by planet Uranus on the 17th, then become overpowered by Pluto on the 18th.  Both of these days will bring noticeable events in relationships.  There could be sudden attractions as well as love and friendship triangles which, if left unresolved, could result in everyone being hurt.  On the 29th, Venues will bump into Saturn.  This could bring a cooling off in relations, and if you want to end a relationship this will be a good date to plan the ultimate conversation.  Or, you might just not feel like being nice that day.  Try to structure your gestures of good faith in a way that you can build trust, despite any odds against you.  On October 7th, Venus will make a harmonious trine with Neptune, creating the perfect atmosphere for falling in love, whether for keeps or for the third time in that week.  This sets the stage for her entrance to sexy Scorpio, which is sure to be just as lovey-dovey, but a whole lot sexier!


Watch the video for more information about Venus in Libra." frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>






For more information on how Venus in Libra will affect your sign, see your daily horoscope for Wednesday September 14th.

This will be a high-energy week, filled with opportunities to surge forward toward your goals in your professional life as well as personally speaking.  An out-of-the-ordinary amount of inspiring energy will resut from two major events - the full moon that takes place overnight before Monday, and the station of Pluto as it comes out of its long retrograde period on Friday.  The sun will still be in Virgo, allowing us to continue a more focused and organized approach to our lives.  Other planetary moves will allow us to shift gears in our attitudes toward others.  Venus will allow us to become softer, yet more logical, after it moves into Libra, while Mars will encourage us to be less emotional and reactionary so we can develop a more dynamic and dramatic approach to asserting our desires and taking actions on our intentions.    Relationships will grow from these changes, and we'll have many opportunities to get a grasp on our emotions and bring some of our ideas into reality.


The void of course moon will be comparatively scarce this week, thank goodness, so it's a rather good week for doing business.  Here are some key events and times - all times are U.S. Eastern:


Full Moon - Monday September 12, 5:27 AM

Venus in Libra - Wednesday September 14, 10:40 PM

Pluto Station to Direct (out of Retrograde) - Friday September 16, 2:23 PM

Mars in Leo - Sunday September 18, 9:51 PM

Moon Void of Course:

Monday September 12, 9:45 PM-Tuesday September 13, 2:49 AM

Thursday September 15, 1:11 PM-3:25 PM

Sunday September 18, 3:09 AM-4:06 AM


Watch the video for more day-to-day insignt, including your best days for asking for what you want and getting what you need:" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

There will be a few more planetary antics going on, so even when you're working like crazy, remember to watch your daily horoscopes for the details!

New Moon, New Week, New Lease on Life!

Don't miss this - it's the week you meant when you kept asking, "Judi, when will things get a little easier?"

Mercury Goes Direct - But What About Hurricane Irene?

Mercury will end its retrograde period on August 26th at 6:03 PM EDT.  This is a moment most of us have been saying we can't wait for, and with good reason.  This Mercury retrograde period in Leo has been stubborn and strident, much like the lion itself!  Just so you know, though, things will improve now, but we're not totally "out" of the retrograde until September 10th, when Mercury moves beyond the point where it was when it went retrograde on August 2nd, at 1 degree of Virgo.  Still, it will feel better to some degree, and you'll notice the things that vex you not being as difficult as before.  Care must still be taken, of course, but for the most part you'll find you've learned lessons such as moving slowly, driving with care and remembering your cell phone when you leave the house.  I hope I do, anyway!


There are at least two news stories that I believe will be part of this Mercury Retrograde coming to an end.  One will be the events in Libya - but I think it will take a small bit longer to hear what will happen next.  The other, more immediate, one is Hurricane Irene.  Watch the video to see what I believe astrology will do to contribute to this story - with a special note of Cancerian mommy-type care for my many wonderful friends in New York City." frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>




To learn more about what your sign will be feeling at this point in time, watch your daily horoscopes!

I will be speaking at The Lodge at Woodloch in the Poconos this weekend - December 30, December 31 and January 1. The first talk will be  "Lovecasts: Use Astrology to Create Better Relationships" On New Year's Eve we'll discuss the major events of 2012, and on New Year's Day will look at the overview of Love in 2012.  If you can make it, the Lodge is a superb place to be.  I'm really proud to be ringing in 2012 with my friends there!


Mars in Cancer: "Motherly", In More Ways Than One...

You may not have felt Mars' move to Cancer on Wednesday August 3, but the Planet Earth surely did.  One look at the front page of any web site or newspaper is enough to bring back the angst that took up so much of our attention in the spring of this year.  The world's economy is in a state of panic and government leaders are being taken to task for dastardly deeds committed over the course of a lifetime. Does this sound familiar?  Maybe it should, for Mars is activating the Canrdinal Axis, the point that affects events all over the world.  I really do wish I could print a prettier picture, but those images of waves washing over the coast of Japan and blood in the streets of capitals across the Middle East are hard to erase.

When people first learn about astrology, they work with simple combinations and say things like: "Mars (aggression) is in Cancer (tenderness), so people will be less aggressive than they might be otherwise."  I don't agree with this at all.  When I see a planet go into a sign, it immediately gets me thinking about how that planet will react to being in the sign.  In the case of Mars in Cancer, the combination won't necessarily be all that pleasant in any way.


Mars is a fiery energy; one that isn't easily expressed in any way besides physically.  Cancer provokes emotion - not the kind that's refined through deep meditation, but the kind that comes from knee-jerk reactions.  Many Cancer people are overly sensitive; and because they are also very protective, the presence of Mars in this sign encourages everyone to abandon the idea of taking well-considered and deliberate action, and simply reacting to what's going on.  People's emotions come right out of them, sometimes without their permission.  This is the kind of situation that can lead you to getting punched in the nose for saying something that wouldn't have raised an eyebrow when Mars was in just about any sign.  Mars will remain in Cancer from August 3 until September  so during this time it's wise to develop some skills for coping with it.


Probably the best thing we can do is spend enough time alone so we can at least identify our feelings.  As we do this, we come to understand what changes we need to make.  We also stand a better chance of taking a higher plane perspective of events in our lives, and acting out of a healthy combination of head-processed and heart-felt analysis, rather than knee-jerk or gut reactions.  We can also be vigilant about getting into physical activity and processing emotions such as anger and frustration in more constructive ways.  Other feelings, such as love and pride, should be expressed openly and without any kind of restriction.

Getting back to the world at large, let's talk about Mars as a trigger for events.  First, I looked at the chart for the ingress of Mars into Cancer, and found it will have special impact in England, S[ain and West Africa. As Mars moves further in to make aspects with other planets, we will certainly begin to get news about these and other hotspot areas around the globe.  Here is a list of dates to look out for, the planets that will be in action, and what kinds of activity they may incite:


August 9: Mars Square Uranus - accident proneness, plus violence directed at oppressive forces.  Can also indicate sudden seismic activity.

August 10-11: Moon conjunct Pluto, Mars square Pluto : Transformative events, usually through an exercise of power - also, plans and strategies to take or keep power.

August 25: Mars square Saturn : thwarted efforts, difficulty in executing intentions; separations and interruptions.

With the several powder kegs we have in the world, it is up to us to decide to take the road of wishing for the best and visualizing peace and harmony in our hearts.  We must also protect our own interests, and strive to be as self-sufficient as we possibly can. Mars in Cancer may not be all that easy to handle this time around, but when we wake up and see what we can do to help ourselves and the rest of the world, we are doing our part to stop it from doing more damage than it should.

Mars in Cancer will be a Mother all right; but maybe not the kind that cuddles and coos to us.  Wake up, take stock of how you can help - and make things better!


To learn more about the Aries Axis and how astrology connects to world events, read this article.



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