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Uranus and Pluto Squared -Chaos or Creation?

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In 2005, Master Songwriter Sir Paul McCartney wrote the words "It's a long way from chaos to creation". That's pretty much how we're going to feel as the big picture changes brought on by the Uranus-Pluto square come into our lives.

Mercury in Cancer 2012 - Trigger Those Emotions!

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Mercury moved into Cancer on June 7th, signaling the beginning of a time period when our clear logic might be clouded by emotion.

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June 2012: It Might Bug You!

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June 2012 might bug us!  The planets will be exceptionally active, and so will we.

Mercury in Taurus: A Slower, Calmer Place

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Like a calm and peaceful forest, the sign of Taurus will do much to tame down our thinking, speaking and manifesting as Mercury makes its way through.


Venus in Taurus: Loving the Material World

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Venus is a happy lady while she's in Taurus.  This is one of her home signs, so she gets - and allows us to be - comfortable with our sensuality.  Read below to see how Venus in Taurus from March 5-April 4 is likely to affect you in 2012.



You could fall in love with the idea of money over the next few weeks.  Your impulse to spend will be hard to resist, so try to make sure your desire to earn is at least as fervent and consistent!


There’s nothing wrong with pampering yourself, but try not to take it to extremes.  One day, you’re going to have to come out of the mud baths and chocolate facials so you can get your lover and friends in on the action!


People think you’re little more than a loquacious charmer, but over the next few weeks, you can show off your considerable mental and intellectual depth.  If you want time by yourself, don’t think it’s weird.  You need to have a convo with your inner wisdom.


Anything you can do that involves a bunch of other people will appeal to you.  And, if you’re not with anyone right now, someone might step out from your circle of friends to force you to view your relationship in a whole other way.


You’ll like what you’re doing, and the people you aim to impress will love the way you do it!  Pleasure will come from being appreciated, whether it’s from a round of applause of something solid you can feel weighing down your pockets.


Search for adventure, do something different, and you’ll find all the pleasure you can handle and more.  This could be a happy time to take a trip, or enroll in a class that helps you do your job better, or fulfill a long-held dream.


Your life could heat up substantially, particularly when it comes to being with your lover!  Your sexiest stance will be the one you take almost by instinct for the next few weeks.  If you’re not with someone now, one sultry glance can change all that.


You get so cute when the romantic mood hits you, and let’s just say you’ll be absolutely adorable over the next few weeks.  Lead with your heart, and the satisfaction that ensues is bound to make your toes curl.


Look around you while you’re going through your day to day life, and you’ll probably see the people you’re with in a whole new life.  Many co-workers could become friends, and if you’re available, one could become something even more.


Maybe it’s because you have such a serious way of living that you have such an exuberant playful side.  Your impishness will shine these next few weeks.  Play with – or like – a little child, and your soul will begin to soar!


You rarely take enough time to appreciate the notion of “security,” but as you really are human, you do enjoy having it.   Spend more time at home, get in touch with family and celebrate who you are and where you come from.


You have beautiful thoughts and a loving heart, but now you’ll be able to be passionate about expressing your desires.  Something you say could inspire you and a lover to take a short trip to celebrate the almost-spring atmosphere.

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