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Venus Direct to Mercury Retrograde - Wiggle Through the Window!

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There's a window of opportunity between June 27th and July 14th for those who wish to pursue those bold new beginnings.

Uranus and Pluto Squared -Chaos or Creation?

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In 2005, Master Songwriter Sir Paul McCartney wrote the words "It's a long way from chaos to creation". That's pretty much how we're going to feel as the big picture changes brought on by the Uranus-Pluto square come into our lives.

Mercury in Cancer 2012 - Trigger Those Emotions!

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Mercury moved into Cancer on June 7th, signaling the beginning of a time period when our clear logic might be clouded by emotion.

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June 2012: It Might Bug You!

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June 2012 might bug us!  The planets will be exceptionally active, and so will we.

Mercury in Taurus: A Slower, Calmer Place

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Like a calm and peaceful forest, the sign of Taurus will do much to tame down our thinking, speaking and manifesting as Mercury makes its way through.


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