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Valentine's Day Dates for Your Love!

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Want to impress your Valentine with a date that's tailor-made to them? Learn how their sign can determine what's going to put a smile on your lover's face - and in both your hearts - as you celebrate the season of two hearts becoming one.

Be the Perfect Lover!

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Everybody wants to be the perfect lover. Use the virtues of your zodiac sign to mesmerize your partner or attract one, then hold on to the kind of romance you're worthy of.

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Super Bowl Prediction By The Stars

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Super Bowl Prediction, Astrology, Tom Brady, Eli ManningCredit:


Obviously, any players who will have the privilege of playing in the Big Game are "Super", but when we look at the astrology of the situation, we can see how one side is more well-endowed than the other.  Watch the video to get Judi's prediction for Super Bowl XLVI!


And, if you want to hear more, tune in on Super Sunday at 12 PM Eastern to hear Judi and Numerologist Ed Peterson hash it out on Blog Talk Radio.


Here's that VIDEO!!!!



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February 2012: COSMIC!!!!

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February 2012 horoscopesCredit:

The month of February might seem to move slowly, thanks to the Mars retrograde, but that doesn't mean there won't be some wild planet action going on!  Neptune will move

into Pisces to stay on February 3rd, and the truth will be hard to define - or find.  For more on this, check the important dates listed below, and watch the video:

February 3: Neptune enters Pisces

February 7 - Saturn moves into retrograde motion

February 7-8 Venus moves into Aries

February 13 - Mercury enters Pisces

February 10 - Venus conjuct Uranus

February 14 - Mercury conjunct Neptune

February 19 - Sun conjunct Neptune

February is the month of love, but this time, thanks to Neptune, it's all about Universal Love!

NFL Playoffs - Who Will Be Super Bowl Bound?

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OK, I had to look.  We have 4 teams left and a Sunday filled with games to watch.  Here are my picks, based on Astrology.  Take a look at them, and then check out the video, where I give a reading for one of the Quarterbacks involved.  You can get one of these readings, too!  Check out and you'll find out when, how and how much.  You'll be pleasantly surprised, trust me!


Back to the picks.


The AFC Championship will take place at 3 PM in Baltimore.  Pats Vs. Ravens.  Emotionally charged Cancer will be rising at kickoff time for both games.  Pisces will be on the Midheaven in both cases.  This set up favors the teams that can keep their cool, even when they think about the enormous things that are at stake - money, prestige and all that comes with a spot in the Super Bowl!


I have looked at all 4 Quarterbacks and the 2 game times and here are my picks:


AFC - New England...but not without a fierce fight from Baltimore!  Flacco's performance will be especially impressive, but Brady's polish will outshine him.


NFC - New York...even though San Francisco is favored.  Hey, I've lived in both places, so don't hit me!  The void of course moon at the start of the game tells us it will be a surprise.



For more details, particularly about Mr. Brady's Performance, check out this Private Video Reading I did for him:


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