Presidents Day - The Signs of the White House

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Judi gets silly  in this 2011 article for Presidents' Day, jokingly illustrating how the 44 Presidents reflect the essential qualities of their zodiac signs.

Happy Presidents Day!  Will you be home, trying not to watch today's news, or at work, sneaking peeks at the Internet to find out whether the world economy is about to crash or if they're lining up the frigates and carriers to play World War III?  The news is kind of unsettling, to say the least, but it is a holiday weekend.  I don't ski, and I have to confess I was a history major.  So, at ReadTheStars we want to make sure, at this time when we're all looking for a little adult supervision, we honor the 44 men who have served the United States as President. The Presidency is an elite club when you think about it.  Only 44 men (yes, just men) have had the job in all these years?  How can those of us who are interested in astrology resist looking at the roster, then, to see their birthdays and figure out what signs have the most Presidential types in their ranks?  Funny enough, Wikipedia has a list of Presidents sorted by their birthdays, with their Zodiac signs. Let's go sign by sign to see what the Presidents and their signs stack up to be, and try to bring a little levity to our lives, while six countries at last count, including the U.S., grapple with protests, turmoil and factions forming in oil-rich lands where people have begun to mutter eerie words such as "civil war".  See if you recognize any of yourself or your friends in the following list of Presidents and their signs.  (Hint: if you aren't familiar with the signs and what they can do, take a look at About the Signs for a sign-by-sign primer.)

ARIES: Thomas Jefferson - April 13: Wrote the Declaration of Independence and started a revolution. John Tyler - March 29: A big states' rights guy, and who didn't agree didn't matter.

TAURUS: James Buchanan - April 23: Kept trying to maintain the status quo by pointing to the Constitution, while North and South continued to divide over some rather essential, if disparate, philosophies of life. Ulysses S. Grant- April 27: Ran the White House with his army buddies and while scrupulously honest with public funds, but couldn't resist taking lavish gifts from "admirers", who usually wanted him to assist them with their plans for large monopolies. James Monroe - April 28: Drew a line in the sand and said, "Mine!" by establishing the doctrine that bears his name, which forbids any further colonization of America by European countries. Harry Truman - May 8: In a flare-up of Taurus-like temper, got fed up negotiating with the Japanese and...the buck stopped. [caption id="attachment_1736" align="aligncenter" Presidents' Zodiac signs, ReadTheStars,Talent

GEMINI John F. Kennedy - May 29: The most telegenic man to run for President ever, before or since. George H.W. Bush - June 12: Determined to get Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait, but lost interest in finishing him off just before the troops got to Baghdad.

CANCER Calvin Coolidge - July 4: Dared to try and keep moral standards high as America's robber barons thrived. George W. Bush - July 6: Followed in Daddy's footsteps, and very protective of "the Homeland," to say the least!

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John Quincy Adams - July 11: Like George W. Bush,  never strayed far from the family business. Gerald Ford - July 14: When appointed, he whined with classic Cancerian angst: "This is an hour of history that troubles our minds and hurts our hearts."  He wasn't kidding.

LEO Barack Obama- August 4: Took the political stage by storm and hasn't met a camera - or a teleprompter - he doesn't least not yet. Herbert Hoover - August 10: Played the role of the generous King who wished to feed his people...but then all the money ran out. Bill Clinton - August 19: STILL hasn't got down off the Presidential dais. Benjamin Harrison - August 20: While he was out saving the world through the Pan American Congress, the surplus he started with evaporated.

VIRGO Lyndon B. Johnson - August 27: His noble goal: "to build a great society, a place where the meaning of man's life matches the marvels of man's labor." Apparently, he had other plans for the boys who went to Vietnam. William Howard Taft - September 15: A do it by the book lawyer, he was totally against the growth of presidential powers - and hated the spotlights and sideshows that came with campaigning.

LIBRA Jimmy Carter - October 1: Made peace between Egypt and Israel, promoted human rights globally and gave back the Panama Canal, but also seen dressed in a Misterrogers-type sweater, extolling the virtues of low thermostat settings and long gas lines. Rutherford B. Hayes - October 4: Bent over backwards trying to make peace between Northern abolitionists and Southern businessmen. Chester Arthur - October 5: Shunned political connections and made his reputation on his good looks and fashion sense. Dwight Eisenhower - October 14: Wanted to be loved so much, he made people wear buttons that said, "I like Ike."

SCORPIO Theodore Roosevelt - October 27: He said it all: " I did not usurp power, but I did greatly broaden the use of executive power." John Adams - October 30: Widely remembered for being the most disgruntled Vice President in history, until Richard Nixon and Al Gore. Warren Harding - November 2: Claimed it was the corruption of the friends he placed in his administration that kept him walking the floors at night. James K. Polk - November 2: They called him "the dark horse", yet he managed to annex Texas, California and New Mexico. James Garfield - November 19: Refused to be the whipping boy of Congress, and sent them home crying to their Mama's.

SAGITTARIUS Franklin Pierce - November 23: Raised controversy by setting forth the Kansas-Nebraska Act, possibly seeding the concept of The Wild West. Zachary Taylor: Believed so strongly in holding the Union together, vowed to send troops to the New Territories rather than compromise on the slavery question. Martin Van Buren: Known as a "true man with no guile," he fought for his principles regardless of the political fallout.

CAPRICORN: Woodrow Wilson - December 28: Self-appointed spokesperson for all the American people...or so he thought.  Not so great at running a country. Andrew Johnson - December 29: After failing to find practical ways to end slavery and re-embrace the South, was censured and nearly impeached by the Radicals, who had enacted laws restricting the powers of the President. Millard Fillmore - January 7: Rose from rags to riches and then to the White House, but couldn't please enough people to stay in power for a second term. Richard Nixon - January 9: Thought he had all his pieces put together, but upon elevating himself (in his mind) to King, had a very famous fall. Presidents' Zodiac Signs, ReadTheSTars, Judi Vitale, Talent

AQUARIUS: William McKinley- January 29: Chased the Spanish out of Cuba, then annexed the Philippines, Guam and Puerto Rico. Franklin D. Roosevelt - January 30: Believed so strongly in his causes, he was certain he could be President forever. Ronald Reagan - February 6: Had a vision, then rammed it down America's throat.  Code name: "Ron-bo." William Henry Harrison - February 9: His firm belief in acquiring more Indian land got us the Curse of Tecumseh.  Thanks, man. Abraham Lincoln - February 12: Suffered a lot of angst over the Civil War, but never flinched when it came to defending the principles that kept him fighting it.

PISCES George Washington - February 22: Said he could never tell a lie - but forgot he was a Pisces! Andrew Jackson - March 15: He believed Government duties could be "so plain and simple" that offices should rotate among deserving applicants.  If only... James Madison - March 16: Gave in to peer pressure, and before he knew it, was rather unsafely ensconced in the War of 1812. Grover Cleveland - March 18: Got elected, served four years, waited four more, then repeated the pattern. One more thing before we let our 44 heroes go.  Despite the cheap shots that were taken here, I still believe we should respect anyone, well, almost anyone, who'd be willing to take on the daunting task of being POTUS.  Like all of us, and all the signs, these people have done silly and stupid things; but they were also, by and large, idealistic, earnest and very generous with their love of country.  ReadTheStars salutes them. 

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