Mars in Leo and the Lion's Den - What Will You Do?

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Mars in Leo, astrology, Mars in Leo Horoscopes, Judi Vitale, ReadTheStars, Talent NetworkCredit: shaysart.homestead.comWhen a planet moves from one sign to another, we have to look at the nature of the planet and how it will be influenced by the new sign.


The way a planet's arrival in a sign will affect life on earth depends upon how well the planet gets along with the energy of the planet ruling the new sign. (When we say a planet rules a sign, it means the planet has an affinity and an authority over the sign and any planets or other factors that might enter the sign.) In this case, Mars is a fire planet, and is in fact a "throw-off" of the sun, the planet which "rules" Leo.  They get along great.  In fact, the influence of the steadily burning sun calms Mars down just enough to make it magnanimous and generous, rather than impulsive and aggressive.


For the most part, from now until mid November, we can expect a steader kind of energy, unless of course you happen to be a Leo.  As your Cancer friends will tell you, having Mars in your sign give you "too much" energy, and it's wise to cut down on caffeine and pump up the physical activity to work off the stress.  This might be the case also for people who are Taurus, Scorpio or Aquarius.


As you'll hear in the video, with Mars is in Leo, the aggravating planet will at least stop triggering the Cardinal Axis.  It will, however, make a few interesting patterns that we'll be talking about on ReadTheStars, including Mars square Jupiter on October 3rd and Mars opposite Neptune on November 7th, just before Mars moves out of Leo November 10th.


 Mars moved into Leo on September 18, so now what are you going to do?  Every sign has a mission, so find yours here and see what you're supposed to do to use Mars in Leo to your greatest advantage.  Then, watch the video for more details and color commentary!


ARIES - Develop your creativity and concentrate on the well-being of children in your life.  Also - be social, flirty and friendly.

TAURUS - Tend to those people in your family who always seem to be causing you problems.  You might also have to take action on a project to improve your home.

GEMINI - Be aware of any tendency you have to speak out of turn.  There really are times in life when you need to be quiet and just listen.

CANCER - Money might come in faster than usual, but you also need to be careful that you don't spend it faster than you can earn it.

LEO - Besides taking a chill pill, you can learn how to assert yourself effectively and use your influence to get others to contribute energy to your projects.

VIRGO - Learn how to know the difference between thinking through details so you can execute a project flawlessly, and worrying more than you need to.

LIBRA - Get savvy to the way you act when you're involved in group projects.  Your challenge now is being an active member without becoming overly competitive.

SCORPIO - Pressure at work will push you to show your potential much more than you're used to.  Prepare to be asked to do even more than you think you should.

SAGITTARIUS - Your yen to explore the world beyond your normal milieu, both in terms of travel and study, will drive you now.  Take advantage of all the opportunities you can get.

CAPRICORN - You'll be feeling sexier than usual, and could have a little bit of trouble concealing your inner sexual animal.  Guard your professional reputation.

AQUARIUS - Relationships could become unwieldy, so pay attention to ways of calming down your partners and allaying the fears of people you work with one-on-one.

PISCES - Your daily routine is going to be hectic, and you may need to build up your stamina and your immune system if you expect to thrive in the face of cantankerous co-workers.


Here's the video - and don't forget to keep checking your daily horoscopes!


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