It's Mercury-Neptune Week!

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Be Rational AND Creative!


Week of September 5-11, 2011

It's a Mercury-Neptune week!  These two planets represent the two parts of our consciousness that govern rational thought (Mercury) and spiritual inspiration (Neptune).  

It's true there will be a lot of fuzzy thinking as these two planets form a stressful pattern in the sky this week, but we also have opportunities.  We can raise our awareness to understand the two parts of our mind, and put a lot of effort into getting them to work together.  It all starts on Monday, when the Sagittarius moon flirts with both planets.  We an think, on Labor Day, about how we want to relax and allow ourselves be inspired, but we won't waste any thoughts that we receive, even if they come in through our tin foil hats.  On Tuesday and Wednesday we an put our ideas into practice as the moon gets into trouble with Uranus and Pluto!  The key will be to find your way of showing power without stomping on people's toes.  On Wednesday, the Capricorn moon will continue to get into trouble - and activate that troublesome Cardinal Axis - as it squares off with Saturn and dabbles in a dangerous game of tug-of-war with Mars.  

With luck, we'll be patient enough to wait before making final determinations about these matters, because on Thursday Mercury and Neptune will be in exact opposite ends of the sky, with the dispassionate Aquarius moon toning down the power-hunger and emotional duress.  This is a day when you can focus strongly on how to "have it all" in terms of your thoughts and attitudes, and hope to create a useful, creative and dynamic blend of energies.  On Friday, Mercury enters Virgo, which will allow us to be more exact and discerning about our mental and verbal activities.  On Saturday there will be more Mercury-Neptune work to do, as the moon moves from Aquarius to Pisces, joining up with Neptune and opposing Mercury in the evening.  On Sunday, a "nicey nice" attitude will prevail, not just because of the Pisces moon, but also because Venus and Mars will be extremely supportive of human relationships, and the moon will work with Pluto and Jupiter to make you feel empowered and optimistic about your capabilities across the board.

Just so you know - even the void of course moon gives us a break this week, with just a few periods of time when doing business, making purchases and arranging appointments can be tricky,  noted here:

Void of Course Moon Periods This Week (All Times U.S. Eastern)

Monday September 5 8:31 -10:03 PM

Wednesday September 7 4:35 PM - Thursdsay September 8 5:42 AM

Saturday September 10 1:32 PM - 3:26 PM

Watch the video for even more information and insight, and don't forget to keep in touch with day-to-day dynamics with your daily horoscopes!

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